When buying John Innes Compost look for the JIMA Seal of Approval® on the bag - a guarantee of satisfaction!

John Innes Base Fertiliser

John Innes Base Fertiliser is the name coined at the John Innes Research Institute in the 1930's for a ready mixed blend of hoof and horn, superphosphate and potassium sulphate for mixing with loam, peat and grit to make John Innes Loam-based Potting Composts.

The John Innes Manufacturers Association is a trade association for the major manufacturers of John Innes Loam-based composts in the UK and Ireland.   The Association does not supply any composts or fertilisers direct to retailers or consumers.

Most gardeners look for ready-mixed John Innes Composts carrying the JIMA Seal of Approval which can be relied upon for quality assurance. They are available from all Garden Centres and most major DIY Stores. Further information can be found on this website

None of our member Companies manufacture or supply retail packs of JI Base Fertiliser because the demand is negligible.  Most amateur and professional growers use modern slow release compound fertilisers which last much longer than the original JI Base formulation.   A popular alternative is VITAX Q4.

Suppliers who may be able to supply JI Compost Base Fertilisers directly to gardeners are:

  • GARDEN DIRECT, 12a Hertford Industrial Estate, Caxton Hill, Hertford SG13 7NF | Tel: 0845 217 0788 or 01992 890770 | Fax: 01992 582609 or 890660 | E-mail: sales@gardendirect.co.uk | Web site: www.gardendirect.co.uk
  • PROCTORS, Phoenix House, 51 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4LJ | Tel: 0117 311 1217 | Web site: www.proctorsnpk.com

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