All the major UK producers of John Innes Loam-based Composts are members of the John Innes Manufacturers Association (JIMA). This page summarises the benefits of JIMA Membership for producers and customers. 


I'm a customer

Benefits of membership

Quality Assurance
The JIMA Seal of Approval® is a Registered Trade Mark which can be used only by JIMA Members, who all maintain the highest standards of quality assurance.

Consumer Advisory Service
JIMA offers illustrated leaflets, technical data sheets and practical advice on the many applications of John Innes Loam-based Composts. Bulk supplies of leaflets are available for Garden Centres, Horticultural Societies etc.

John Innes Website
JIMA maintains a comprehensive website of information on the grades and applications of John Innes Compost, together with a list of manufacturers with their contact details and links to their websites.

Customer Complaints Service
In the unlikely event of dissatisfaction with a bag of J.I. Compost customers may ask JIMA to investigate and resolve the matter to their satisfaction with the Member Company concerned.


I'm a producer

Benefits of membership

Technical Manual
JIMA provides Members with a detailed Technical Manual on the formulation and production of John Innes Loam-based Composts written by the late Chris Bunt when he was Consultant to JIMA.

Quality Control Procedures
JIMA provides Members with a detailed Quality Control Manual on the testing of J.I. Composts, also written by the late Chris Bunt.

Product Specifications
JIMA specifies the range of physical properties and nutrient levels required for each grade of J.I. Compost.

Seal of Approval®
JIMA Members who produce John Innes Composts in accordance with the above procedures and specifications are listed as Registered Producers authorised to use the JIMA Seal of Approval® on their packaging and literature.

Technical Representation
JIMA has a seat on the British Standards Committees responsible for the drafting of National and International Standards for Growing Media and Soil Conditioners, and also for the associated work on volume out-turn testing and eco-labelling. Members are kept informed and consulted on relevant details.

Technical Data Sheets
JIMA publishes a series of Technical Data Sheets and Information Sheets which are mailed regularly to all Journalists, Retailers, Horticultural Societies etc. to promote J.I. Composts carrying the Seal of Approval®.

Consumer Leaflets
JIMA produces and distributes consumer leaflets on the Benefits of John Innes Loam-based Composts - these are free to JIMA Members and their customers.

Market Intelligence Service
JIMA provides Members with a comprehensive press clippings service plus other commercial and technical information relevant to the UK peat and compost market.

Members Meetings
JIMA Members meet once a year to review current technical developments, trade, and consumer enquiries etc., and to plan future marketing and public relations campaigns.







If you are interested in joining JIMA please contact us.